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Born to lead.

My parents tell me all the time that I was born to lead. In fact, when I felt discouragement as I prepared for the launch of ellejayleads, my mother offered me an encouraging reminder that she "saw leadership in [me] at a very young age (as soon as [I was] able to walk and talk)" so she encouraged me to "follow [my] calling because [I am] a natural." Thanks Mom!


Today, I am a believer of this fact more than ever. I have been a leader all of my life --whether it is through serving as the CEO of T.R.U.S.T., Inc., serving in ministry, helping friends, family, and others work through life's challenges or leading the neighborhood games back in the day as a kid. Leadership is in my blood. Now, I am on a mission to lead like Jesus. I am taking this mission one day at a time for I know that "learning to lead like Jesus is more than an annoucement; it is a commitment to lead in a different way (quote found in the book, Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges)".    


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Elle Jay

Compelled to empower. 

How can you work with me?

I remember the day I felt compelled to empower. It was the day I created and facilitated a reflective activity at my non-profit organization's leadership retreat. I asked everyone to reflect and identify their "3 P's". This activity caused something new to settle in my being. It was a sign from God, as my heart whispered to me: "Lauryn, you are called to lead by means of empowerment."  The compelling spirit that took its place in my life back then has since evolved into a deep passion rooted in empowering others to maximize their potential in life and business.

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  • 1:1 Signature Empowerment Coaching Program


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Determined to inspire.

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Okay, I must admit. I have said to myself more than once: "Who do you think you are? You cannot inspire anyone. Like for real, who are you? Nobody cares what you have to say or give." Then I had to stop myself because we are all inspirational beings, especially the more vulnerable and transparent we allow ourselves to become. We cannot allow our inner self or others' actions to deter us from what we are supposed to do. 

Our personal stories and journeys in life have the power to change lives. This power is something we should not take for granted nor abuse because there are people in this world who need what we have to give -- our stories, our journeys, our gifts, and our inspiration. Therefore, I am determined to inspire others merely by the words of my story and this walk of faith. And guess what? If I am only able to inspire one person, I know that it is still worth all of my determination and efforts.



Grab ahold of some inspiration through defining moments

"Your gifts are not about YOU.
          Leadership is not about YOU.
                    Your purpose is not about YOU.
A life of significance is about SERVING
those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose."
-- Kevin Hall
It is not about me... It is about serving others!
empowered by Him | purposed to lead | God inspired

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