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The truth is you are unfulfilled, fearful, and lack the confidence, clarity, and courage to transition your life and business.

Did you feel that? That is what I call a "gut punch," and I will do whatever it takes to push you into your purpose.

Leaders and founders, are you ready?

I have a gift for you!
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I have a gift for you! It is the key to enhancing your life and business God's way – my signature
12-step method
to coaching.

You are meant to open this gift, and take part in this transformative yet practical experience if you:

  1. Are a leader in a business or organization; or, an aspiring or established founder of a business or organization.

  2. Believe God has a vision, purpose, and plan for you.

  3. Wish to gain clarity in God's vision and purpose for you and your business or organization.

  4. Want to be challenged to overcome your emotions, feelings, and fears delaying the fulfillment of God's vision for you.

  5. Need to plan and (re)structure a concept within your business or organization.

  6. Require practical tools and strategies that will increase your capacity to confidently operate in God's vision and purpose for your life and business or organization.

  7. Appreciate and take heed to expert advice and feedback on how to execute God's vision for you.

12-Step VAM

The 12-Step Vision Alignment Method

A highly practical, intensive yet empowering method for gaining clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, and a clear and concise plan of action to live life and do business purposefully in alignment with God's vision.

VAM Learn More
I must say Elle Jay is the most honest, genuine coach that I have encountered, and she produces thought-provoking in-session and out-of-session assignments that leave you wanting to discover much more.


VISION OVERSIGHT: Through guided self-discovery and reflective exercises, we uncover what you have omitted from or fail to notice about yourself and your life journey.


VISION OVERSIGHT: Through guided self-discovery and reflective exercises, we uncover what you have omitted from or fail to notice about you and your life journey.

Taylor S., Marketing and Communications Manager




Brainstorming and discussing many components of your concept's foundation (from its name to its services, etc.) begins here.


VISION FORESIGHT: Using my signature Vision Chart ™ tool, we confidently predict various elements of God's vision for you and develop your personal branding statement.


VISION INSIGHT: Through deeper reflective exercises that stimulate your imagination, we explore your instinctive reactions to scenarios surrounding your vision. 

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My experience with Elle Jay has been amazing. Finding purpose and aligning myself with God's will for my life has been refreshing to say the least. I have full confidence in anything Elle Jay puts her hands on.

Brenten S., Speaker and Content Creator


We take a look at your competitors and conduct research on the makeup of similar concepts while also drafting your concept's mission, vision, etc.




We set an agenda and coinciding priorities that aid you in moving closer and closer to God's vision for your life and business within one year.


STRATEGIC POSITIONING: We determine the one-year focus (vision) of your strategic plan while also constructing your personal profile, philosophy, and legacy statement.


CONCEPT FINALIZATION: Using my signature Concept Frame ™ tool, we define or refine all components involved in the foundation and fundamentals of your concept.

If you are looking for a run of the mill coach, then Elle Jay is not your coach. But, if you are looking for honesty, accountability, and constructive feedback, then you are in the right place!
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STRATEGIC MOMENTUM: We put together small, smart, and sustainable goals, strategies, and objectives to ensure momentum towards God's vision is achievable and maintained.

Marlo W., Property Manager



BRAND STRATEGY: As we select the most aligned initiative for your public reveal, we form your target profiles, devise outreach strategies, and pinpoint your brand support team.


BRAND IMAGE: There are levels to your brand and its image. During this step, you are taught what those levels are and we work together to solidify descriptors, etc. for each level.


BRAND VISION: Ascending to this step marks the end of all introspective work, which sets the stage for envisioning the public reveal of your renewed life, business, and brand.

Coaching Programs


ELLE JAY Leads* offers coaching programs for every type of
leader or founder. Each program involves some or all steps of the

vision alignment method (click here to learn more).

Vision Charting

This coaching program is for you if you need clarity and confidence in who God designed you to be. This program covers steps one through three of the vision alignment method.

Vision Alignment

This coaching program is for you if you also wish to define or refine a concept for your business or organization in a way that is aligned with God's vision. This program covers steps one through six of the vision alignment method.

Vision Mastery

This coaching program is for you if you also desire to have a clear and concise yet thorough plan of action to transition you into God's vision for your life and business. This program covers all steps of the vision alignment method.

Here's another truth - you ready?

The truth is you know who you are and what you are gifted to do; you are simply avoiding what God's requiring you to do to get to the next level of your life and business, and that's a shame! 

God wants more for you and you're telling Him no? Wow!

Leaders and founders, let's change that.

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If you are going to work with Elle Jay, you might as well book the Vision Mastery program cause with each part of the program it just gets better! The clarity, the insight, the connections, and the fun are all compounded with each coaching call. Elle Jay and I considered myself to be a "difficult client" and I honestly questioned her ability to crack my case, lol. I considered my needs to be a "God-thing" that a human could not help me with. The good news is, that He works through her! With each session, she blew me away and she exceeded all of my expectations! I marvel at the way God uses her and I am grateful that He allowed us to connect.

Amber H., Organizational Consultant

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Meet the Visionary of the 12-Step

Lauryn Johnson (more affectionately known as "Elle Jay") is a visionary leader, coach, consultant, and motivational speaker who specializes in vision alignment, conceptualization, strategic planning as well as execution. As a lover of Christ, she remains imperfectly devoted to honoring God while mobilizing the missions of her nonprofit organization, T.R.U.S.T., Inc., as well as her business endeavors via ELLE JAY Leads*.

Elle Jay graciously volunteers as the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of To Respect, Unite, Support & Teach, Inc. ("T.R.U.S.T., Inc."), which develops young adults as servant leaders and positive change agents in communities of Virginia and Georgia. She has passionately served in T.R.U.S.T. since 2006 and has been able to lead, train, and impact the lives of more than 1000 college students. Nevertheless, in the midst of what became a near decade career in higher education and city government, and while still volunteering for T.R.U.S.T., she knew God was calling her for more. 

Born to Lead. Compelled to empower. Determined to inspire. ™

Once she decided to believe God for more, her life brought forth many defining, painful yet gainful moments, especially as she learned to accept and continues to refine her day-to-day walk with clinical depression and anxiety. Nonetheless, she is a survivor. With a multitude of disappointments and struggles that led to several suicide ideations, God further expanded her ability to see what He was doing within her all along as He spoke to her one day and said: “It’s time to shift, Lauryn!”

Late one Summer evening of 2016, Elle Jay sat in her apartment living room accompanied by her roommate and was inspired to draft the first iteration of His instructions to her. She became an entrepreneur; ELLE JAY Leads* was founded...


The investment for 1-on-1 coaching services
starts at $2800 (payment plans available). 

Complete a prospective client assessment and book a vision clarity call 
to be considered for coaching services.

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