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You already know
God has called you
to be an entrepreneur

You also know your time is up or almost up at your employer and you're not clear nor operating within God's vision and purpose for your life (and business). 

It’s time to shift and do what you're called to do. 

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VISION INCUBATOR* Group Coaching provides a vulnerable, holistic, transformative yet practical coaching experience for (wo)men of faith seeking to transition into full-time entrepreneurship within the next 3 years.

You’re meant to be a part of this group coaching program if you:

  1. Desire to transition or are transitioning into entrepreneurship or you're an entrepreneur operating outside of God's vision and purpose for your life.

  2. Believe God has a vision, purpose, and plan for you.

  3. Need to be in a community with women and men who will hold you accountable. 

  4. Wish to gain clarity in God's vision and purpose for you and your business.

  5. Appreciate and take heed to expert advice and feedback on how to  execute your vision.

  6. Want to be challenged to overcome your emotions, feelings, and fears delaying the fulfillment of God's vision for you.

  7. Require practical tools and strategies that will increase your capacity to confidently operate in God's vision and purpose for you.

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Cohort I: March 15 - June 14, 2023
Cohort II: September 13 - December 13, 2023


VISION INCUBATOR* Group Coaching is a faith-filled, thriving community of entrepreneurs empowered by Holy Spirit who continually seek to be aligned with God’s purpose for their business.


Program participants are willing to put in the work while encouraging others along the way to shift into the next dimension of God’s vision for their lives.

Aspiring and established entrepreneurs are
welcome to apply for free.

Only accepted applicants will be invited to join the program.

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Group Coaching Sessions

Facilitated and led by Elle Jay

Mastermind Trainings

Facilitated and led by Elle Jay & a variety of experts

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Facilitated and led by Elle Jay & staff

Workbooks & Templates

Created and personalized by Elle Jay

So Much More!

What’s included in

_Vision Incubator [Full Color]_GROUP COACHING.png


Topics Covered in Program:

  • Business Concept Visualization, Development and/or Refinement (Topics focused on envisioning and outlining internal components of your business such as business name, core values, media content, services and its methods, target audience, etc.)

  • Holistic Living Exploration and Development​ (Topics focused on spiritual, relational, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, financial, etc. elements involved in living holistically that lead you to fulfill God's mission, vision and purpose for your life and business.)​

  • Personal and Business Goal Planning (Topics focused on establishing and refining small, smart, and significant goals and affirmations aimed to overcome obstacles set to delay the fulfillment of God's mission, vision and purpose for your life and business.)

  • Personal Branding (Topics focused on drafting and solidifying personal brand statements and activities that showcase authentic identities rooted in God's purpose.)

  • Personal Vision, Purpose, and Gifts (Re)Discovery (Topics focused on confirming your God-given vision, purpose, and gifts.)

  • & More!

Are you ready to live your life in alignment
with God’s vision and purpose for you and your business(es)?


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Finance Therapy & Co.

What can I say?! This experience definitely came at the right time for the shift I believe God is getting ready to do in and through me and my business. God definitely has his hands in what it is Elle Jay presents and does. While I thought I was "supposed" to be doing one thing, through this coaching program, God shifted things and put me on the path that he wants me to embark on in this season. Thus far, my vision is clearer than it was and I now know that I'm going to be accomplishing what my heart truly desired. This program helped me dream beyond my current capacity.



Health Coach

My experience with Elle Jay has been one rooted in faith. I felt her passion through her prayer. Her prayer expressed gratitude in finding me, while asking the higher power to remind me of who I am (the young woman she was able to truly see). Elle Jay and I worked together on driving with faith not fear, being clear about my desires for self and business, creating clear structures that outline how to achieve success, and more. I highly recommend Elle Jay to any entrepreneur interested in creating a business plan while balancing self, as well as allowing faith to lead the way.

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Meet the visionary behind

  1. Although Elle Jay was born in the wonderful state of Massachusetts and spent the majority of her adolescent to young adult life in the lovely state of Virginia, she is proud to call the beautiful state of Georgia home.

  2. Outside of her involvements with T.R.U.S.T., Inc. and ELLE JAY Leads*, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, being in nature, serving communities, writing, laughing and dancing.

  3. Her favorite quote by Mahatma Ghandi states we must "be the change [we] wish to see in the world," and that is certainly what Elle Jay strives to do daily.

Lauryn Johnson (more affectionately known as "Elle Jay") is a visionary leader, coach, and motivational speaker who specializes in vision alignment. She’s a lover of Christ and remains imperfectly devoted to honoring Him while mobilizing the missions of her nonprofit organization, T.R.U.S.T., Inc. (founded in 2005), as well as her business endeavors via ELLE JAY Leads* (founded in 2016).

Elle Jay finds purpose in leading (wo)men to fulfill the next dimension of God's vision for their lives. Her primary strategy is getting persons like you to recognize and operate in what God has already placed on the inside of you – gifts of vision and purpose. She also relishes in providing avenues for people to maximize their God-given potential through her programs, speaking, worksheets, tools, resources, etc. She is all about having faith in action, purposeful living, and being accountable, transparent, and honest ("F-PATH”).

Born to Lead. Compelled to empower. Determined to inspire.

Here are a few random facts about her:

The investment for VISION INCUBATOR* Group Coaching starts at $2500 (payment plans available). 

ELLE JAY Leads* reviews completed applications on a rolling basis. The following deadlines are intended to serve as benchmarks: 

Cohort I deadline: February 10, 2023
Cohort II deadline: August 11, 2023 

However, please be encouraged to apply as early as possible. Group coaching client spots are limited.

Missed the deadline?
Interested in 1-on-1 coaching only instead?

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