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Season 2 is happening now

Moments in Transition is a Holy Spirit-led production designed to instill a sense of urgency amongst transitioning entrepreneurs to pursue God’s vision and purpose for their lives (and businesses).

SEASON 2 Live Conversation

JUNE 20, 2024 | 6:30 PM EST

Patrick Croffie is a loving husband and father of 4 amazing children. He is on a mission to share God’s love through various projects. His current passion is helping people find their identity beyond personal endeavors, accolades, job titles, and above the grind and hustle culture. He desires to encourage others to find their purpose. He currently lives in the pacific northwest with his beautiful wife and children but he considers the east coast home. 

During our conversation, Patrick will share his story of moments in transition highlighting how he believes he owes his family everything, as they have showed him his true meaning and the purpose God has given him.  

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JULY 11, 2024 | 6:30 PM EST

Nicholas "Nick" Stewart endured two years of severe insomnia that nearly ended in his death. This experience inspired him, and he became very passionate about sleep health. As result of his passion, as well as obtaining a certification in sleep science coaching, Nick takes pleasure in creating sleep plans and tactics to give problematic sleepers the best sleep of their lives. Nick is also the author of Sleep Fitness: The Top Ten Sleep Facts that Matter!


During our conversation, Nick will share his story of moments in transition involving his perspective on the global problem of sleep and the mix of eastern and western views of meditation as a higher form of prayer. 

AUGUST 1, 2024 | 6:30 PM EST

Nieisha Deed is a powerful, emerging voice and leader in the mental health and wellness space in Boston. She works to advocate for mental wellness in Boston’s Black community. She is the visionary and creator behind PureSpark. As a person living with bipolar disorder, Nieisha understands all too well how important access to holistic support services and community are to one’s mental wellness. She is a disruptor in the mental health and wellness space.

During our conversation, Nieisha will share her story of moments in transition that led to her shattering the shame around mental illnesses, creating access to mental health support, and showing that healing is possible.

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SEASON 2 Live Conversation

Gregory "Greg" Pirio has been a global leader for constructive social change in media and communications for decades. As the president of EC Associates, Dr. Pirio carries out various initiatives focused on behavioral change, media training, youth empowerment, etc. He is a published author of two books (Outside Eden's Gate: The Secrets of Self-Empowerment and Your Self-empowerment GPS: Your Guide for Achieving Personal Greatness) and contributed to publications that led to international policy change.

During our conversation, we conversed about the inner journey to self-love, connections between peace, love, and joy, the beauty in discomfort, resolutions to make a change, and creativity within.

Marlo Wynn is a woman healed and redefined. God healed her to be a resource for the wounded, a pathway for the lost, and a sounding board for the unheard. She continues to beat the odds, determined to turn every mishap into opportunities to live a reassured lifestyle. Additionally, she serves as a seasoned property manager with more than 20 years of experience. To date, she manages a mixed residential portfolio and recently received the BHHS RWTPM 2023 Chairman’s Gold Chair award. 

During our conversation, we conversed about bereaving the murder of her child, tapping into our strength, embracing the past, God's grace, and pulling yourself out of darkness.

Brianna Westland is an accomplished educator deeply committed to nurturing the talents of aspiring vocalists and musicians. With a passion for vocal pedagogy, Brianna equips her students with the tools and techniques necessary to realize their vocal aspirations. She is also passionate about helping students of all backgrounds and skill levels achieve their musical goals. Brianna's approach emphasizes building confidence and fostering a love for music in her students.

During our conversation, we conversed about good and bad leadership, being in God's presence, God's guidance in the midst of challenge, the value and meaning of being seen, and accepting your gifts.

SEASON 2 Live Coaching

JUNE 18, 2024 | 6:30 PM EST

Janine Wiggins, more affectionately known as "Neen," is the CEO of Resumes by Neen, LLC. As a military wife and proud Afro-Latina, she champions helping federal employees and jobseekers achieve their career goals and financial stability.

Richara Warren is a coach, consultant, mentor, and strategic advisor. Richara masterfully teaches how to thrive and lead confidently in diversity-challenged spaces. She also equips women entrepreneurs with growth, scale and optimization strategies.


Come listen and participate in their live coaching session, where Janine and Richara will share the area(s) of God’s vision and purpose for their lives and/or businesses.

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SEASON 2 Live Coaching

Brittney met her husband, Javon Callier , shortly after founding Kitchen Therapy™️. They co-founded Pour & Stay Full ®️, a therapeutic lifestyle brand that houses their companies Kitchen Therapy ™️ and Callier Catering.

Brittney and Javon are owners of one of Hampton Roads, Virginia's most sought after catering companies Callier Catering. They pride themselves in serving “the food you really want, presented beautifully.” 

During their coaching [session], we discussed and discovered the stronghold of church and religious culture and constructs, the detriment of people pleasing, and dismantling imposter syndrome.

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