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Becoming all you’re purposed to be is found in God’s complete and full vision for your life (and business). 

Are you ready to be enlightened and transformed spiritually, relationally, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and financially in order to (re)discover and fulfill God’s vision for you?

It’s time to apply pressure. 


You no longer have to see God’s vision for your life (and business) to believe it. 

So, believe it. Then get ready to be transformed.

The VISION INCUBATOR* Live Retreat is a 3-day VIP pressurized experience for believers who are ready to be pushed to purpose.

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The pressure necessary to push you into God’s full and complete vision for your life (and business) is only hard when you attempt to do it alone.

You’re meant to be at the VISION INCUBATOR* Live Retreat if you:

  1. Believe God has a vision, purpose, and plan for you;

  2. Need to be in a community with women and men who will hold you accountable;

  3. Wish to gain clarity through outlining a concise plan of action;

  4. Desire expert advice and feedback on how to  execute your vision;

  5. Want to be challenged to overcome your emotions, feelings, and fears delaying the fulfillment of your vision; and/or,

  6. Require practical tools and strategies that will increase your capacity to confidently operate in your purpose.

Thursday, May 12 - Saturday, May 14, 2022

Charlotte, NC 

The VISION INCUBATOR* Live Retreat is a VIP experience positioned to push women and men to do life (and business) in alignment with God’s vision and purpose for their lives. 

Registration includes access to all 3 days of retreat activities and one meal a day.


Spiritual Chamber Session Facilitator

The Latoya Mathews, God’s Extraordinary Masterpiece (GEM), is an inner healing coach, best-selling author, transformational speaker, prayer warrior and curse breaker. You can often find Latoya teaching, encouraging, and empowering women to see their value, having fun, and living life. Her mission is to provide a sacred space for women to find meaning in their hurt. Through telling her story, writing, and serving as a coach and speaker, she helps women discover the GEM they are. 


Physical Chamber Session Facilitator

Jodian Fuller, an amazing healer and the founder of High Point Fitness Boston, emerged with a renewed hunger to heal using the natural properties of clean food. Her holistic style meal prep services promote fitness and holistic strength through nutrition. With more than 11 years of experience, Jodian embodies strength in all forms. Her services include 1:1 personal training, group fitness classes, reiki healing, and training advisory.


Emotional Chamber Session Facilitator

Shaquanna Chappelle is an image and style expert who transforms the way professional women view their style so they can show up with confidence. She has helped dozens of women break out of their comfort zone, identify their unique style, and create confident and bold looks. Through her enlightening and relatable book, Get Up and Get Dressed, Shaquanna helps women remove any self-consciousness towards their style and learn how to “get dressed” in the fullness of God first.


Financial Chamber Session Facilitator

Juan Johnson, Jr. is the founder and CEO of The Kornerstone, LLC. He has more than 10 years of experience in accounting working alongside nonprofits, small businesses, churches, and real estate agencies. His passion is to help individuals and businesses build a strong financial foundation. He desires to see people living debt free and wealthy while leaving an inheritance to their children. He hopes to continue changing the world's financial structure by imparting wisdom on financial literacy.

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Relational Chamber Session Facilitator

To be announced.


Mental Chamber Session Facilitator

Walking down red clay roads and picking plums throughout the country lands of her birth town in East Georgia are cherished memories of Ebony's upbringing. While being raised by a single mother, she quickly learned the true and deep meaning behind womanhood and leadership which led to her chosen career path. Today, she serves as a trauma-focused therapist, yogi, and world traveler. Having traveled to more than 20 countries (and counting), she finds great joy in traveling to serve God’s people.


Intellectual Chamber Session Facilitator

Ramesha Nicole is a transformational speaker, financial empowerment coach, mental health advocate and podcast host. Her goal is to help Christian millennial women experience true freedom. Known as the Internal Debt Collector™, Ramesha helps others get rid of mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual "debt" through her powerful speeches, 1:1 coaching and group coaching, consulting, as well as her weekly podcast The Ramesha Nicole Show.


Life (& Business) Chamber Session Facilitator

Born to lead. Compelled to empower. Determined to inspire. Lauryn Johnson (also known as "Elle Jay”) is a visionary leader, coach, and motivational speaker. Lauryn is the President and CEO of To Respect, Unite, Support and Teach, Inc. ("T.R.U.S.T., Inc.”), which develops young adults as servant leaders and positive change agents in their communities. She also leads individuals to fulfill the next dimension of God's vision for their lives through her business, ELLE JAY Leads*. 

Who’s a part of the

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Born to Lead. Compelled to empower. Determined to inspire.

Lauryn Johnson (more affectionately known as "Elle Jay") is a visionary leader, coach, and motivational speaker who specializes in vision alignment. She’s a lover of Christ and remains imperfectly devoted to honoring Him while mobilizing the missions of her nonprofit organization, T.R.U.S.T., Inc. (founded in 2005), as well as her business endeavors via ELLE JAY Leads* (founded in 2016).

Elle Jay finds purpose in leading (wo)men to fulfill the next dimension of God's vision for their lives. Her primary strategy is getting persons like you to recognize and operate in what God has already placed on the inside of you – gifts of vision and purpose. She also relishes in providing avenues for people to maximize their God-given potential through her programs, speaking, worksheets, tools, resources, etc. She is all about having faith in action, purposeful living, and being accountable, transparent, and honest ("F-PATH”).

Here are a few random facts about her:

  1. Although Elle Jay was born in the wonderful state of Massachusetts and spent the majority of her adolescent to young adult life in the lovely state of Virginia, she is proud to call the beautiful state of Georgia home.

  2. Outside of her involvements with T.R.U.S.T., Inc. and ELLE JAY Leads*, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, being in nature, serving communities, writing, laughing and dancing.

  3. Her favorite quote by Mahatma Ghandi states we must "be the change [we] wish to see in the world," and that is certainly what Elle Jay strives to do daily.


Meet the visionary behind the

It’s time to step into the light so that God’s complete and full vision for your life is fulfilled

See you at the VISION INCUBATOR* Live Retreat.

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