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Vision Charting Workshop - 12.18.18.png

Primary Objective of Vision Charting Workshop

To empower individuals to discover and write their God-given vision

Supporting Objectives of Vision Charting Workshop

At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees should be able to*:

1. Identify two (2) key areas within themselves or their personal lives linked to their personal vision, or unique brand, calling ​

2. Engage in reflective, self-examination practices as a means to learn how to introspectively improve individual awareness of their unique gifts, skills, passions, etc. 

3. Network & share with like-minded individuals

Primary Objective of The Kornerstone's Financial Roadmap BONUS Session

To position individuals to change the mindset of how they view budgeting while learning the journey toward financial freedom by developing a financial roadmap

Supporting Objectives of The Kornerstone's Financial Roadmap BONUS Session

At the conclusion of this BONUS session, attendees should be able to*:

1. Change their mindset from limiting to liberating on how they see a budget

2. Understand three (3) steps to creating a financial roadmap and determine one destination or financial goal they want to achieve

3.  Complete their personal financial roadmap

Registration & Fees

ONLY $20 per person
(Reg. Price $95 for Vision Charting Workshop; $97 for
The Kornerstone's Financial Roadmap BONUS Session)

20 registration slots available. Pre-registration is required. Submitted fees are non-refundable. Pre-registration closes on Monday, December 17, 2018 or once registration slots have been filled (whichever comes first). 

*Met objectives are based upon many variables and are not guaranteed for each individual.

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VISION 2019 Co-ed Party   |  Saturday, December 8, 2018

Elle Jay hosted her second VISION co-ed party, which is an annual networking event and party. Patrons, visionary presenters, and special guests participated in reflective activities, an icebreaker, self-guided vision crafting activities, visionary presentations from local entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, etc., ate and enjoyed great food prepared by a private chef, networked with other professionals, visionaries, creators, dreamers, etc., had the opportunity to win cash prizes, and it was a party so a DJ was spinning the latest and greatest hits all evening/night! It was a SOLD OUT event for the second year in a row and, of course, a whole LOT of fun! View pictures from this event below and at

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