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The truth is in order to fulfill God’s vision for your life you must get clear and confident in God’s purpose for your life (and business). Then, you must take action. You must take clearly outlined action steps in alignment with God’s written vision for you. 

That’s what we help you do.

Our 1-on-1 vision alignment coaching services provide our clients with:


A renewed sense of purpose;


Clarity on several elements involved in God's vision for their lives (and businesses);


Guidance, accountability, ideas, and directions via weekly coaching sessions; and

A clear and concise plan of action to fulfill the next dimension of God's vision for their lives (and businesses).



The Free Woman

Lauryn has so much wisdom when it comes to helping you create your vision. She creates space for you to dig deep and really map out what God has shown you. Her ability to pull out of you what you’re afraid to reveal is amazing. She definitely won’t let you settle for less than God’s best. Every moment of your life is connected to why you're here, and she helps reveal that.



The Kornerstone

Elle Jay is a genius when it comes to vision. She has a keen ability to see your purpose even when you can’t see it for yourself. Elle Jay takes the ideas you have compartmentalized in your brain, gives them structure and offers language for you to use to communicate those ideas to others. Elle Jay literally gave me clarity, focus, and structure to visions I had forever.


Seeking to gain clarity in God’s vision for your life and/or business (i.e., you desire to discover and/or be confident in God’s vision and purpose for you, etc.); and/or,

Transitioning into a new dimension of God’s vision for your life and/or business (i.e., you’ve left or are leaving your employer to do business full-time, etc.); and/or,

Desiring to (re)align a concept with God’s vision for your life and/or business (i.e., you need to plan your next brand launch in alignment with who God created you to be, etc.)...

ELLE JAY Leads* Vision Alignment Coaching Programs are perfect for women and men who believe God has a vision, purpose, and plan for their lives (and businesses).

If you are currently:

Then ELLE JAY Leads* Vision Alignment Coaching is for YOU!



Jordan Co Consulting

God didn’t have my path cross with Elle Jay’s on accident. Working with Elle Jay was nothing short of amazing. She pushed me and gave me a safe space to speak from the heart and to get my ideas out of my head. Every session made me realize that in order to get to the next session, I had to go through some discomfort, but reaching that next session would be more than enough reward. Being able to learn more about myself and think aloud about my passions truly helped me walk more in the path that God intended me to.



Wounded HealHer

While working with Elle Jay, I quickly realized that [certain] encounters were God’s way of showing me how to use my God given gifts and talents to fulfill His purpose in my life. Because Elle Jay is anointed and gifted in helping others map out their vision, I walked away from each session with a step by step plan to help hurting women navigate through the difficulties of life. I learned that my pain has purpose and there is a place in the world for my uniqueness. If you are looking for a run of the mill coach, then Elle Jay isn’t your coach. But, if you are looking for honesty, accountability, and constructive feedback, then you are in the right place!



Chef and Health & Wellness Aficionado

Thank you Elle Jay for helping me find clarity in my business! I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t articulate it clearly and concisely until I hired you! The documents, the folder you put together, and the homework assignments really made me stop, think, and put into words my EXACT vision AND goals! I don’t think I would have been able to get everything down in the way I did without your help. I was able to be clear, concise, and straight to the point without the long winded-ness, lol. I can’t wait for more programs from you in the future! I’m hooked!



Real Estate Agent

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is just what Elle Jay helped me do and it has been a blessing for my business! Her sessions gave me the tools and strategies I needed to put my ideas into action. With her guidance, my vision became clearer. Elle Jay is not only a great listener, but she is also patient. When I began doubting myself, Elle Jay was right there providing the Godly encouragement I needed. I am forever grateful.


The time is now to do what only you can do through fulfilling God’s vision for your life (and business). 

Book a Vision Clarity Call


For prospective clients only. Includes a 15- to 50-minutes 1-on-1 vision clarity call focused on addressing your questions, discussing the process involved in discovering, framing, planning, and branding God’s vision for you, and/or a thorough analysis of your Prospective Client Assessment.

Book a Vision Strategy Session


For returning clients only. Includes a 40- to 90-minutes 1-on-1 vision strategy session focused on gaining further clarity and outlining strategies surrounding your vision, purpose, gifts, talents, etc. and/or to discuss/explore your ideas, concepts, questions, concerns, needs, etc.


Book a vision clarity call to discuss your coaching needs and to explore one or more of our coaching programs:



All Things Good

My experience with Elle Jay has been amazing. Within 3 sessions, Elle Jay had me bawling my eyes out with tears of relief. Finding purpose and aligning myself with God's will for my life has been refreshing to say the least.




Working with Elle Jay was the first step to unlocking the God-given potential I'd let past traumas steal from me. She helped me reignite my soul's confidence in hoping, dreaming, and trying again.

Are you ready to fulfill the next dimension of God’s vision for your life (and business)?

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