You are special. Say it: “I am special.” Do you believe it? You were made with a purpose and it has the potential to impact the world in a great way. You are worthy. You are worthy to be uplifted and showcased as an asset to the world. You have been entrusted with gifts, talents, dreams, and aspirations that must come to fruition. People need what you have to give. Therefore, I am here to lead you to fulfill the next dimension of God's vision for your life.

Now, let’s get started TODAY!



Online Course

Learn how to write God's vision for your life and make it plain. This course will give you the tools to go after the vision God has for you with much clarity and confidence. 





Group + Live Retreat

Get ready for an intimate coaching experience with other likeminded individuals. Each group will receive guidance, ideas, & accountability to live their lives with clearer vision.




EMPOWERMENT Coaching Program

Let's work 1:1 to clarify your vision, gain confidence in its makeup, then strategically plan steps to fulfilling God's vision for your life and/or business. 




"I am extremely satisfied with my experience in elle jay leads* signature empowerment coaching program."

Marlo W.

"My experience with the empowerment coaching program has been nothing short of amazing. Being able to connect with a God-fearing woman who is truly led by the Spirit is something I will hold on to. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone but from there came growth. This growth turned into a beautiful idea that I didn't even know was possible."


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